fleadh2009 Let's Go フラキョール リスト

  Book 2 Stack of Barley
  Book 3 Around the Fairy Forth
Slip Jig
  Book 2 Ryan's (The Blackhaired Lass)
  Book 2 Dingle Regatta
  Book 3 Micho Russell's
  The Priest
  Song O Ro Se do Bheatha abhaile
Book 1 Set 2
  Geese in the Bog
  Connachtman’s Rambles
  Out on the Ocean
Book 2 Set 2
  The Tongs by the Fire
  Strike the Gay Harp
  Willie Coleman’s
Book 3 Page 23
  The Kinnegad Slashers
  The Blackthorn Stick
  The Scotsman over the border.
Book 1 Set 3
  Jerry Beaver’s Hat
  Kesh Jig
  Rambling Pitchfork
Mazurka Book 3 Fanny Power
Book 1 Shoe the Donkey
  Song Beidh aonach amarach
Book 1 Set 1
  Sonny Murray’s
  Home Ruler
  Kitty’s Wedding
Book 2
  Off to California
Book 3
  The Good - Natured Man
Book 1 Set 3
  Denis Murphy’s
  Maggie in the wood
Book 2
  Terry Teehan’s
  John Egan’s
  John Walsh’s
Book 3
  Tulla Polkas
  Siege of Ennis
  Song Mo Ghile Mear
Book 1 Set 11
  Miss McClouds
  Merry Blacksmith
  Sally Gardens
Book 2 Set 2
  Longford Collector
  Sailor's Bonnet
Book 3 Page 8
  Christmas Eve
  Killavil Reel
  Boys of Ballisodare
Book 1 Set 3
  Boyne Hunt
  Shannon Breeze
  Red Haired Lass
Book 2 Set 8
  The Cup of Tea
  The New Copperplate
  The Old Copperplate